Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Likes on a sleepy day

Hey all I am exhausted! I had class last night until 10pm and then had to stay up and do some homework for the other two classes and a design project that I am doing. Wow do I have a lot on my plates right now! I think I bit off a little more then I can chew but I can handle it. I also found out that I will not be in town for Halloween weekend I am so sad. Maybe I will go out on friday night instead of saturday who knows :(.  But to keep me going today and to keep my creative juices  flowing for more work i have to do I wanted to look at some things that inspire me and make me want to design. Here are a few things that I have seen that made me happy.
I want to make these pretty paper flowers!
Heck ya!
yummmmm makes me want to bake (and i don't even like to cook)

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  2. Thanks for that it made me smile so early in the morning! I hope you continue liking it! :)