Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh art how i love you :)

I think people are so talented it's amazing! I have these moments when i think about the talent that is out there and how I compare. Not a good idea for me I get really depressed, but I am also so blown away by the way some people pieces evoke so much from just that image. I feel kind of mediocre compared.  But thats my problem I have issues with my work. But this post isn't really about me so lets move on. I love Society 6 so much! It gives lots of people that love to make art and give them an accessible way to get it out there and make some money off of it. Here are some wonderful pieces that are new on the site that I have been lusting over.

by Alex_cruceru


by Kay R. Lodge

by Erica Williams

by Vorona Photography

by Dani Melin

by Timothy Pattison

by Andre De Freitas

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