Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fashion Envy

I am in the mood to shop! But I haven't got the spare cash I'm headed to Salem for some hanging with the girls time on Monday and I can't wait! Then on the 29th i'm going to NY for the day so no spare cash oh well life goes on. So todays post is going to be about what i can't have :( new clothes. I have been stashing away photo on pinterest of all the things on my wish list and they make me drool with envy. Plus most of the stuff is way out of my price range but one can dream can't I?
ok maybe I can afford these socks but whatever. P.S i never wear white socks ever I think they are boring and who wants to be boring?
I really really really want her hair color. i have been wanting crayon red hair since high school and I've been out of high school for a long time now. 
I want this whole outfit please and thank you!
I have been mildly obsessed with T-strap shoes lately. I have one pair already and they are so pretty and easy to wear. 
This jacket is really out of my price range but swoon!
Ok I'm getting carried away and this is only a fraction of what I want and whats on my pinterest account ha!

Oh and side note I think I may be coming up with a new t-shirt printing DIY kind of excited to try it!

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