Friday, October 21, 2011

This is me not thinking about architecture

So about that putting architecture on time out yesterday didn't really work to well for me. What do you do when you say your not going to think about something all you can do is think about it ugh! I even dreamt about it! I also dreamt that i could sing like Christina Aguilera weird I don't even really enjoy music all that much (and I can't sing for the life of me). I know thats strange. A lot of people think I'm a little crazy for not liking or listen to music 24-7 like they do. But thats life get over it! Anyway this is getting off topic I wanted to post some inspiration that I have come across for my architecture project in school. Some of them are just things that i thought were cool but the others are what i want to add to my project. Again this is me not thinking about architect haha oh boy.
I am going to have a glass ceiling for my observation deck and i want it to have some movement to it. I think this one was pretty amazing I love the sink hole element. 
This is the British Museum...I really want to go see this...ok I actually just want to live in London really bad!
I just thought this was pretty rad. YES I said Rad!
I just thought this picture was so intriguing. I love the dingy quality to the image. 
This is just amazing! How cool would this be for a lobby or the entrance hallway to your home. This has absolutely nothing to do with my project I just really enjoyed it.
And heres more unrelated coolness for ya!
Images: 1, 23, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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