Thursday, October 6, 2011

Underground Park

Sorry for my absence yesterday I had a lot on my plate and not enough time as usual. Anyway today i found something really cool on CubeMe that I wanted to share. How amazing would life and a lazy sunday afternoon be if you could go underground and relax in a huge park?! I am not good with words so I will let the description on CubeMe explain the project...

"A Lower East Side trolley tunnel could be transformed into the city’s first underground park. The high-tech, subterranean park called the ‘Delancey Underground’ is intended to replace a two-acre abandoned trolley terminal beneath the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge. Entrepreneurs Dan Barasch, R. Boykin Curry IV and James Ramsey are working to build this community green space the size of Gramercy Park below ground. The project, which will be the size of Manhattan’s Gramercy Park, is the brainchild of NASA satellite engineer-turned-architect James Ramsey, who has developed a technology that can “harvest” sunlight and “channel” it elsewhere via fiber optic cables."

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