Friday, October 7, 2011


Wow this week has been crazy and not really in the fun way. But I still have this blog and thats a highlight in my day everyday. Well today it's a really busy day at work so this blog post has to be short (sorry for being a deadbeat blogger as of late). Anyway I thought I would just share some random fun things that have caught my eye on pinterest (ha i LOVE pinterest!).

#1 My Little Pony Anatomical Sculpture by Jason Freeny
How freaking fantastic is this!
#2 I want to make these super cute cupcakes yummmm...
#3  This spray painted message is sooo true.
#4 This abandoned mill is amazing!
#5 I want this scrap tutu in grownup size.
#6 beautiful photograph I believe that this is an Thailand??

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