Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Weekend #1

I have so much to share with everyone about my fun and not so fun weekend that i needed it to be two different posts. So today I will be sharing my friday night costume party attire/ getting ready pictures with you. Friday was so much fun I love dressing up for halloween. It's not really even about going out and showing my costume off (but it is fun to do that to) the process to me is sooo much fun! When we finally got ready (it took us about five hours to get ready. There is a lot to do not to mention drink while getting ready haha) we headed over to Amanda's old bar the Biltmore to hang out with a few people that couldn't come to the costume party. That was entertaining all in itself mainly because we were the only ones dressed up and we were freaking everyone out. Well Amanda was freaking everyone out because her makeup was insane! But anyway after the Biltmore we went to a party that was on the lame side but we had fun anyway. Halloween friday was insanely fun and the only night we actually dressed up more on that tomorrow. On to some pictures these are only some of the night I didn't take a bunch because I was to busy having a blast.

I loved my fake eyelashes they had feathers at the end of them.

Amanda as a creepy baby doll.

I'm Pocahontas 

Bad luck Queen of hearts...we think that card was cursed because as soon as she picked it up nothing went right but then when we threw it away on saturday night things went back to normal. 

this guys butt read causation open manhole hahaha

ummm I guess it's hammer time???? :D

The day after me and my friend Amanda went to NY. Check out the post about the ordeal here.  

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