Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY Sleep Mask

So I have been on this weird sleep schedule becasue of my unemployment. I really need to get out more haha. Anyway I have been going to sleep at about 6am so lots of sun is coming through those windows of mine. So in order to get some sleep and in style I decided to make myself a sleep mask and thought it would be a good DIY for everyone. Here goes nothing:

  • Needle and thread (there is a lot of sewing in this DIY you can either do it by hand like I did or on a sewing machine)
  • Some pins to hold the fabric together
  • scissors 
  • fabric one silk or something really really soft for the side that you put on your face, another fabric for pattern something fun, and some black felt or thick dark fabric 

Step 1: Cut out the felt and two different  fabrics into a kidney bean shape the curve in the middle is for your nose.

 Step 2: Sew the silky fabric and the black fabric together first

 Step 3: sew together the fun fabric to the already sew together fabric..But make sure that the fun fabric is facing the silky fabric because you are going to be turning this whole thing inside out so you can't see the sewn parts and the edges of the fabric.

 Step 4: You should sew on the elastic of ribbon onto the black fabric so that the extra is on the inside when you flip the fabric over.

Step 5: Then sew the open side up and your done!

My monster is sooo sleepy hahaha. I you want to make this little monster guy you can find the DIY here

 I added some eyes to the top so it's extra cute :)

Sleep tight everyone!

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