Friday, January 27, 2012

One down!

I have done one of my DIY's on my wishlist for the year yay! I decided to do something that I already had the materials for. I made the clay bowl with the lace detail you can see the inspiration here. But i didn't have a doily or lace to I used a pretty hair clip it worked just fine. Here is the instructions on how I did it. It may not be the prettiest bowl ever but it's mine and I'm proud of it!

#1) Materials for the first half-
      Air drying Clay (Mine was Sculpt it no baking required)
      Rolling pin (I used a bottle of hair mousse you can use anything that's a cylinder)
      Doily, lace, or anything with a pattern
      a bowl or Tupperware

#2 Roll out some clay evenly to what ever thickness but I made mine about the thickness of a piece of cardboard.

#3) Cut the clay into a circle. I used a Tupperware bowl to cut the circle.

#4) Press your design into the clay. I wanted it to me really visible so i pushed really hard but not enough to go through the clay.

#5) Then to make it bowl shaped I put it into the Tupperware bowl until it dried that takes 24hrs.

#6) The last thing i did after it dried I painted it with Mod Podge to seal it. 

So it's not the prettiest bowl but it works and it's one thing off my list. The next time it will be better practice makes perfect and the next ones can be gifts.



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