Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Man made Nature

So I have said it once before landscape architecture is not my forte but it's really starting to grow on me no pun intended. This weekend I was doing my studio work and went to go visit the site that we will be working with during this semester and it really got me thinking about how much we develop nature. Meaning that some places that we think that are naturally made are really not. The site that I went to was a man made reservoir and it really had the feel of something that has been there forever and something that wasn't planned and built. After that hit me I wanted to check out landscape architecture and see different interpretations of bringing design and nature together. So here are a few amazing landscape designs. 

Asensio_Mah at Jardins de M├ętis by Harvard's Graduate School of Design (source)
The Rockpool waterway by The Australian Garden (Source)
The Spiral Jetty by Robert Smithson (Source)
I'm not sure who designed these last three but i like them!

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