Thursday, June 30, 2011

DIY Screen Printing/ Chris's Art Class (haha)

So last night was awesome i hung out with some great people and did an amazing DIY! I thought I would share the steps then go into some sill picture we took at the end of the night with our brand new screen printed t-shirts! So here it goes...

step 1) Materials you will need to do the project
         - A plain t-shirt with no to little texture
         - Mod Podge ( Or any glue that is NOT water soluble but mod podge is the best plus you can use it
                                 for other things)
         - Fabric Ink (I used speedball screen printing Ink and it work fabulously and it was cheap)
         - sponge brush and a regular little brush to get the details
         - something to put the glue and ink into
         - scissors
         - sheer material with a tight weave (I used a curtain i got from target easy and cheap and works
         - An embroidery ring
         - Last but not least a pattern you want on your t-shirt

Step 2) The next step is the prep work and then to trace your design onto the fabric. 

I chose to do a tree for mine the other girls did other really cool designs. When you trace the pattern onto the fabric make sure you trace on the inside part (this is so the material is flat onto the paper and eventually your t-shirt). Another tricky part is to make wire frame outline of the design you picked. The result should be what you don't paint in with glue is whats going to be the black bits of your design.

Step 3) Paint the places you want white or the color of the t-shirt (you will be painting this part on the side that will be touching the t-shirt) leaving the open none painted parts as the black design
Let this dry all the way you don't want the stencil to get stuck to your t-shirt

Step 4) This is the moment of truth...when the glue is dry put your stencil onto the t-shirt make sure it's the side that is able to lay flat onto your t-shirt. the with the sponge brush dab the stencil (don't brush it on) and make sure that you apply some pressure you want it to go through the fabric onto your shirt. Also another really important part is to put some paper bags or thickish paper inside your shirt so the ink doesn't bleed onto the back. Pull the stencil off and you should have a pretty good design on your t-shirt!

If you want after you can touch up the empty spaces with a little paint 

Now on to fun pictures of all the t-shirst and a couple of process pics. Enjoy!
Jenny made a radish! I love it!

Amanda making her teacup design

Silly Steph with her octopus design haha

Little Chris he came up with the title of the post :) I also made mustaches and red lips for silly picture time. 


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