Friday, June 3, 2011


Yesterday after work i went into this amazing new thrift store down the street. It was sooo cheap i mean almost everything was $1.00 or somewhere in that range. I think the most expensive thing in that shop was $25 and i bought it heehee. But the most amazing thing I think about the store is every penny that they make is donated to AID research . Amazing right?!! So this is what i bought...

A vintage hand mirror and brush set. It has painted Marie Antoinette type girls on the back. So pretty. I have always wanted a hand mirror. (This was the expensive item)

Than for a buck each I got 4 glass tea cup that have raised flowers around them, an Andy Warhol mug, and a huge glass canister that I want to make into a terrarium of some kind:)

Aren't these display stairs cool!

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