Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Craft Night #2 Headbands

So this DIY craft night thing me and the girls are doing is really taking off so far we have made screen print t-shirts (here), headbands/clips (bellow), and next craft night is going to be tie dye undies and t-shirts (I like the undies part :) ). We like to make things that we can show off and wear (I'm wearing my flower clip that I made right now and I'm loving it!). So I don't have instructions on how to make these mainly because we made it up as we went and everyones turned out different and awesome! We also had some yummy snacks and drinks (I highly recommend mixing cherry vodka with red wine so yummy!!! oh and add fresh fruit its like a sangria awesome style). I can't wait for the next one :)

Yummy champaign fruit drink while talking and laughing before the crafts began.
probably not the best idea since we all burnt ourselves lots of times on the glue gun :/
 Little chris (I made him a pin filled with little silver guns he thought he was a sheriff that carried a sword as a weapon of choice so freaking cute!)
 Jenny's dad trying on one of the headbands that one of us made
One of the many clips that i made for my hair
Haha some random silly picture i took while tipsy before bed.

Craft nights are the best!!!!


  1. oh this looks like such a fun night. the drinks, the crafts, the ladies! i need to do something like this.

  2. I <3 our little pack of crafters!

  3. Love the headbands. This looks like so much fun!