Monday, August 15, 2011

Frank Gehry's new building

I know a lot of people don't really care for Frank Gehry work but i like it. Some things are kind of ugly like his house for one thing yuck. Ha thats architecture lingo for all of you who are not following. Anyway he has come up with a new building in New York that i would love to go see. Seeing as I only live about 4 hours away i still have yet to visit ugh I need to get a clue haha. Anyway back to the building I live the waved surface it's a toned down version of his Bilbo Spain Museum. I hope it doesn't leak like the MIT building he created oops.
Images from CubeMe
Image via Inhabitat
Interior shot from the New York Times
Supposedly the rent for one of these bad boys is $2,630 for a studio apartment and $3,580 for a one bedroom and for a two bedroom you will have to shell out $5,945 a month. 
To be able to afford just the freaking studio would be amazing!

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