Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Something light

Today is not going to be a light post day because I am stressing about a final for class and signing up for more classes today. I have been slacking on the homework for this summer class not much only two things but they are long and are going to be time consuming. Blah! I can't wait for this to be over I have to keep chanting to myself "two more years only two more years". On a happy note i had the best dream last night about getting a really good job in London and moving there within a month oh how i wish that were true. Well todays post is going to be about the art that I am loving on society 6. I'm addicted it's like my crack I look at it like 5 times a day.
by Elle Hanley Photography
by Elle Moss
by Anthony M. Davis
by Twiggs Photography
by Geoffrey Agrons
by Olechka
by Norman Duenas

by Lili Batista

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