Monday, August 8, 2011

Tattoo monday: Furniture

So I did this random search for furniture tattoo's think it would be silly and there wouldn't be that many. Wow was I wrong! Kind of an odd thing to get tattooed on you but it's not my body and I think it's kind of cool and the tats that i was looking at were really really well done. Here are the ones that I thought were pretty amazing.
Top four images from designboom
I love the line of different chairs on the right. via Tattoos Punch
via moggit


  1. wow...never would have thunk it either! pretty neat though!

    i thought of you this weekend as i was watching mad men, a show based in the 60s with guys saying: "christ on a cracker!!" were born in the wrong decade chica!

  2. tell you the truth I didn't really like the show Mad Men but the fashion is amazing! I can't wait until the show Pan Am come one the air I think I am going to be addicted to that show! And "christ on a cracker" is so my line except I replace the christ with crap haha.