Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Surprise Halloween Tour!!

By Best friend in the whole world (I wrist you!...inside thing we say sorry people) had a surprise for me last night and I have to say it was the best surprise ever! She took me on a halloween tour of Boston. We pretty much went to all the old grave yards in Boston. The tour guide was hilarious! There was tales of serial killers and haunted hotels and even stories about all the really horrible stuff they did in the Boston Common like hangings, drowning people, etc. It was the best tour of Boston and I learned a lot surprisingly and i am also creepy haha. After the tour ended we went out for drinks (I'm kind of regretting that part because I woke up still kind of drunk and I had to go to work and study for a midterm ekk) but it was so much fun! Dance parties to slow music is hilarious and the best time ever! We had a mini photo shoot in a weird/awesome passage way in Quincy Market. Then ate and took photo booth pictures with some random guy (picture to come i forgot to scan it).  I love photo booths so much they are really fun and old school. Ok wow this ended up being a long explanation of my activities last night. Here are some picture. Oh and before i forget here is the tour we went on I highly recommend it.

It was so dark out we almost fell over grave stone about 20 times. 
 So I never knew that almost every grave stone in the old cemeteries had this skull and wings on it. Pretty cool. This one was f a family that died in a ship wreck in Boston harbor. 

My camera died right after these photos so we used the camera on her phone so sorry about the crummy photo quality.

 After we drew on this pumpkin they put it at the front door for people to admire our awesome drawing skills haha.

 The creepy/awesome ally for our little photo shoot :)
haha this one is so funny.

These last three are out of order they are on the tour and in the trolly. 

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