Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The weekend

So this weekend I moved my friend Whitney into her new apartment yay Whitney. I am slightly jealous of her new place it's so pretty! I got carried away and arrange her living room for her when she was out returning the truck heehee. But while moving and getting another friend to help move we drove through Quincy Mass right by the water and it was amazingly beautiful. The soft pastel colors of everything was like riding past a post card picture. On another note I finally finished knitting my hat. It is the worst hat of all time but I am soooo happy that i finished it!! Next i want to do a stuffed animal. Thank god for youtube!


  1. aww you finished! thanks again for the help! we'll have to take a trip back to quincy so we can get some more pictures! let's go soon!

  2. No problem it was a good workout haha. And defiantly soon for the next trip to Quincy.